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Injection: The Anaemic Cocktail

Energy Booster, Metabolism Booster, Red Blood Cell heath. Reduces Acne.

  • 15 minutes
  • 100 British pounds
  • Online - Star Freud Wellness Clinic|Central London (Monument) - Star Freud Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Two Injections (B12 and B9) will be administered in the treatment. Vitamin B12 works closely with vitamin B9, also called folate or folic acid, to help make red blood cells and to help iron work better in the body. Folate and B12 work together to produce S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), a compound involved in immune function and mood. It aids in the production of DNA and RNA, the body's genetic material, and is especially important when cells and tissues are growing rapidly, such as in infancy, adolescence, and pregnancy. Folic acid also works closely with vitamin B12 to help make red blood cells and help iron work properly in the body In addition to oral supplementation, vitamin B can also be administered by intramuscular injection (in the arm/buttocks). Injections bypass the stomach and go straight into the bloodstream. Your body will immediately have access to the vitamin it needs to begin repairing right away. With injections, you will see benefits faster than with vitamins. Another great thing about these vitamins are that they are one of the few vitamins your body can store. If there is any vitamin B12/B9 your body doesn’t use right away from the injection, it will store it in your liver to use over time, keeping your body healthier for a longer period. This protocol can bring on immediate health benefits. Increases Energy Levels and Concentration. Improves Metabolism and Helps With Weight Loss. Boosts the Immune System. Helps Improve Sleep Patterns. Helps Stop Certain Types of Hair Loss. Prevent Anemia by Increasing Red Blood Cells Keep Your Brain Healthy Benefits Your Mood Benefits Your Unborn Baby Supports Healthy Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis Develop Healthy Hair, Nails, and Skin Supports the production of red blood cells Essential for the synthesis of DNA Crucial for overall health and pregnancy, especially in preventing major birth defects in the baby's brain or spine Can be obtained from leafy green vegetables, fruits, and enriched grain products Plays a beneficial role in preventing neural tube defects Supports and maintains a healthy nervous system health Works with vitamin B12 to form healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body. Helps break down, use and create proteins. Treatment Summary Procedure Time 10 minutes Results seen in Immediately Potential Effects None Downtime None Back to work Immediately Anaesthetic Not required

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Refunds: We do not issue refunds. An available alternative date will be provided to reschedule your session subject to sufficient notice give (see below) , if you are not able to make it subject to adhering to our advance notice policy (see below), 100% payment will be forfeited. For Full Day appointments(4 hours to 8 hours): 72 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For Half Day appointments (3-4 Hours): 48 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For 1-2 Hours appointments: 24 Hours notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited.

Contact Details

  • London, UK


  • 36 St Mary at Hill, Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU, UK


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