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Styku 3D Body Scan: Follow up

Groundbreaking advancement <1 min extract hundreds of body measurements

  • 30 min
  • 65 British pounds
  • Central London (Monument) - Star Freud Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Tracking: Regular follow-up scans allow you to monitor your progress over time. These comparative scans are instrumental in gauging the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and fitness regimens. Following a Styku body scan, you’ll receive personalised insights and recommendations based on your results. This aftercare advice is tailored to help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Progress The Styku 3D Body Scanner is a revolutionary technology that has transformed the way individuals track and assess their body composition. Designed to provide highly accurate and detailed 3D body measurements, the body scanner offers invaluable insights into body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other key metrics. This cutting-edge device is a game-changer offering a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s physique in under 1 minute enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and fitness journey. Styku utilises advanced 3D imaging technology to capture a detailed representation of the body's surface. The process is swift, non-invasive, and remarkably precise. Our practitioners will explain the scanning process, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed. They may also address any concerns or questions, establishing a supportive environment for the scan itself. Here’s how it works: ✩Stand and Scan: You’ll stand on a designated platform, remaining still while the scanner rotates around you. This process takes seconds, capturing thousands of data points to construct an accurate 3D model. ✩Comprehensive Measurement: The scanner employs a combination of infrared depth sensors and a high-resolution colour camera to map the body's contours. This information is then processed by sophisticated algorithms to generate a 3D image. ✩Data Analysis: The Styku software analyses the 3D model, providing a range of essential metrics. These include body fat percentage, lean muscle mass distribution, waist circumference, and more. The results are presented in an easily interpretable format, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of one's physique. ✩Visual Representation: The scanner also generates visual representations, enabling you to see your body from various angles. This feature can be invaluable for tracking progress and identifying specific areas for improvement. ✩Coupled with expert consultation and tailored aftercare advice, the Styku scanner is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to optimise their fitness and wellness endeavours.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Refunds: We do not issue refunds. An available alternative date will be provided to reschedule your session subject to sufficient notice give (see below) , if you are not able to make it subject to adhering to our advance notice policy (see below), 100% payment will be forfeited. For Full Day appointments(4 hours to 8 hours): 72 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For Half Day appointments (3-4 Hours): 48 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For 1-2 Hours appointments: 24 Hours notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited.

Contact Details

  • 36 St Mary at Hill, Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU, UK


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