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This is a kit that is sent directly to your home where you or a loved one will perform a simple finger-prick blood sample and return by post for testing. Receive your results within 7 days! No social interaction required.


Take charge of your health with the Complete Blood Test Bundle, your passport to a deeper understanding of your body's inner workings. This comprehensive package analyzes a wide range of essential health markers, providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.

What's Included:

  • Essential blood panels: Gain insights into key areas like anemia, liver function, kidney health, cholesterol levels, and thyroid function.
  • Advanced markers: Go beyond the basics with tests for Vitamin D, B12, iron, and various electrolytes, for a more holistic picture.
  • Inflammation profile: Identify potential underlying inflammatory processes with key markers like C-Reactive Protein (CRP).
  • Convenient home testing: No need for clinic visits; perform the finger-prick test in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easy-to-read results: Receive a detailed report within 7-10 days, explaining your results and offering next steps.
  • Privacy and security: Your information is kept confidential and secure throughout the process

Blood Test: Complete Bundle (popular) - HOME KIT

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