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Wimbledon Promotions - Cow's Milk Intolerances

Wimbledon; the home of strawberries and cream for the first time, they are serving vegan cream this year for those avoiding dairy!

Well round 16 is upon us and Britain currently have one standing competitor in the both the Men’s and Women’s competition. Come on Konta!

It may not be going exactly how we planned, but it’s not all doom and gloom, let’s do our part!

Attached is a great promotional piece to help you increase the awareness of food intolerances whilst Wimbledon is on our screens.

Dairy is one of the top 5 reactions for food intolerances and finding alternatives can be difficult, especially if you’re intolerant to an animals milk! Finding alternatives can be difficult, but let’s offer people a helping hand with the attached guide to alternatives for cow’s milk.

Guide to Complex Intolerances Cow’s Milk

If you have a cows’ milk intolerance your body reacts negatively to the milk protein. This does not mean however that you will automatically have the same reaction to sheep or goat’s milk. Unless you have been tested separately for sheep and goat’s milk it is advisable to remove all animal milks if you react to cows milk. Milk intolerance is different to Lactose Intolerance; if you have a positive reaction to cow’s milk, you should avoid lactose-free milk as well. This is because the reaction involves the milk protein, not the milk sugar (lactose). Milk or milk products to avoid: • Fresh, long-life, homogenised and sterilised whole, semiskimmed and skimmed milk. • All powdered milk, tinned milk, milk drinks and prepared instant powdered hot or cold malted, chocolate or coffee drinks. • Cream, butter, margarine, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese. • Casein, caseinate, hydrolysed casein, milk solids, whey, lactose or lactalbumin.

Milk can also be called: | Lactoglobulin | Casein | Lactose | Lactalbumin | Caseinate

Processed foods likely to contain milk

• Baked goods such as bread, rolls, pancakes, scones, cakes, biscuits and packet snacks.

• Instant mashed potato, soup, ready meals, processed meats and sausages, custards, puddings, sauces, chocolate and confectionery.

Some medicines and supplements contain milk products... check with your healthcare provider if unsure.

To ensure you maintain a balanced diet that provides protein, calcium and fat soluble vitamins, you can supplement your diet with a variety of dairy alternatives. These include: | Coconut, rice, almond, hemp or oat milk | Sunflower or olive oil spreads | Soya or nut based cheese

Did you know the following foods contain calcium...?

| Soya Milk | Nuts | Sesame Seeds | Legumes | Fish | Seaweed | Leafy greens | Oatmeal | Dried Figs | Broccoli | Tofu Replacements for a balanced diet

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Did you know that 45% of people suffer symptoms of food intolerance? Did you also know that 3 out of 4 people tested reported feeling benefit within 3 weeks of dietary change?



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