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Let's kick COVID in the BUTT!

Book your appointment today if you want to transform your health with the aid of colonic irrigation by your side to strengthen your immune system to beat COVID this winter and ensuring we can prevent another lock down! Your health is your wealth.


  • Strengthened Immune System

  • Increased energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Advanced Mental Clarity

  • Improved overall mood and mental health

  • Hormone regulation

  • Full body detoxification

  • Clearer Skin

  • Reduced total body bloating and inflammation

  • Reduction in headaches

  • Improved circulation

  • Regulation of bowel movements

  • Hydration of the organs

  • Improved nutrient absorption especially minerals and soluble vitamins.

  • Removal of old hard waste material and harmful toxins caused by today’s lifestyle, convenience foods, stress and pollution.

  • Rebalances the bowel flora by facilitating re-population of the stock of friendly bacteria.

  • Non-habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon.

Book your appointment today or call to have a consultation to see if colonic irrigation is the right treatment for your needs.


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