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Star Freud Wellness Clinic: Where Science Meets Sanctuary. Reclaim Your Radiance

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Transcend the ordinary. Enter Star Freud Wellness Clinic. We're not your run-of-the-mill detox and wellness center. We're a laboratory of holistic alchemy, where cutting-edge technology dances with ancient wisdom to craft bespoke wellness journeys for your unique bioterrain.

Free Initial Assessment

Our journey begins with a complimentary 15-minute bio-interrogation. Imagine a detective story, but instead of clues, we analyse your health narrative through a detailed conversation and advanced bio-clog analysis. This paints a vivid picture of your current state and unlocks the roadmap to your optimal well-being.

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Styku 3D Body Scan

Get a comprehensive understanding of your body composition with Styku 3D Body Scan. In just under 45 minutes, our revolutionary scanner provides accurate measurements like body fat percentage and muscle mass. Coupled with expert consultation, it's the perfect tool for your fitness journey.

Styku 3D Body Scan 1st Timers wConsult_e

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Pressotherapy Full Body w/Infrared Sauna

Experience the Quantum Pressotherapy and the infrared tango. This harmonious treatment eliminates toxins, sculpts your silhouette, and leaves your skin radiating like a desert sunrise.

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Unveiling the Body's Hidden Manuscript: This fascinating exploration utilises muscle testing to decipher your body's energy story. Our Kinesiologists guide you on a journey of self-discovery, resolving emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, restoring the flow of harmony within.

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Hopi Ear Candle Signature Package

This multi-layered masterpiece combines the detoxifying power of Hopi ear candles with lymphatic drainage and the calming resonance of Reiki, promoting deep relaxation and emotional release, ensuring every tension chord is resolved.

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Quantum Physics Acupuncture: Hand, Ear & Body Concerto 

Experience the profound healing power of acupuncture enhanced by quantum technology. This gentle needle therapy, available for both hands and the body, restores energy flow, alleviates pain, and promotes overall well-being, ensuring every internal note vibrates with health.

Our skilled practitioners wield the needles of harmony, targeting specific points to address pain, stress, and emotional dissonances, while ear seeds offer a whisper-quiet melody of continuous acupressure.

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Chi Nei Tsang: Star's Signature Protocol

Star's Signature Protocol: Rediscover the forgotten language of your internal organs with this visceral concerto. Our signature Chi Nei Tsang protocol, a harmonious blend of ancient Chinese techniques and modern insights, detoxifies your organs, restores digestive harmony, and liberates emotional blockages, leaving you feeling lighter than a hummingbird's heart.

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Bioenergetics Full Body Scan w/Treatment

Dive deep into the energetic tapestry of your biofield. Our state-of-the-art quantum technology maps imbalances, pinpointing areas of disharmony. Through targeted bioresonance therapy, we restore energetic equilibrium, paving the way for deep healing and vitality.

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Quantum Physics MiHealth PEMF Treatment

Bathe your cells in the rejuvenating glow of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. This non-invasive symphony of energy stimulates cellular repair, reduces inflammation, and orchestrates a symphony of well-being.

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Quantum Cupping Trio: Dry, Fire, & Wet (Hijama) Variations

Choose your preferred cupping movement to stimulate circulation, release muscle tension, and address specific health concerns. Dry cupping utilises gentle suction, while Fire cupping adds warmth, and wet cupping (Hijama) employs bloodletting for deeper detoxification, ensuring optimal internal flow.

Quantum Cupping Trio Dry, Fire, & Wet (Hijama) Variations.webp

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Tibetan Medicine Consult & Therapeutic Sonata

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Tibetan medicine. Through pulse and tongue diagnosis, our practitioner identifies imbalances and prescribes personalised treatments, from herbal remedies to therapeutic massages, harmonising your internal energy orchestra.

Tibetan Medicine Consult & Therapeutic Sonata, Star Freud detox and wellness clinic, Londo

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Kambo Ceremony: Private & Warrior Initiation: 

Embark on a life-altering odyssey with Kambo, a sacred Amazonian medicine. This powerful detoxifying and spiritual journey, available in both Private and Group settings, facilitates deep healing, emotional release, and personal growth, ensuring your internal transformation resounds through every fibre of your being.

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Hay Fever Package

Combat hay fever this season by boosting your gut health and immune system! Our comprehensive session includes blood tests for allergies and intolerances, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, vitamin injections, kinesiology balancing, and a signature Hopi Ear Candle package.


Experience the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, with a gentle detoxifying process using filtered water and herbal enemas. Complete the session with a probiotic implant and personalised nutrition protocol for ongoing support.

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Hay Fever Package

Revitalise your well-being with Star Freud Wellness's Ultimate Detox Package. Get personalized support from our experts and kickstart your health journey with in-depth consultations, holistic health screenings, detox protocols including Castor Oil packs, sauna sessions, and colonic hydrotherapy.


Boost your immunity with IV vitamin infusions and enjoy exclusive 1-on-1 practitioner support via WhatsApp throughout your detox journey. Start anew for a healthier, happier you!


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In the End

Stepping beyond the mundane, Star Freud Wellness Clinic is an exquisite concerto of science and sanctuary, each treatment a finely tuned instrument played by our seasoned practitioners. Here, in the vibrant heart of London, we unlock the potential for profound bioenergetic restoration, vibrational optimisation, and holistic recalibration.

Forget generic wellness prescriptions; we craft bespoke symphonies for your well-being. Whether you seek the resonant echoes of quantum bioresonance, the ancient wisdom of Tibetan herbal alchemy, or the transformative fire of the Kambo ceremony, each service is a carefully chosen note in your personal song of health.

Under the watchful gaze of Big Ben, we invite you to relinquish the orchestra of life's dissonance and allow us to conduct your wellness metamorphosis. With each treatment, we refine your biofield, harmonise your internal melody, and awaken your vibrant potential.

Step into Star Freud Wellness Clinic, not just for a detox or a spa day, but for a movement towards your most radiant self. Contact us today, and let us orchestrate the masterpiece of your well-being journey.

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