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ADD ON: Castor Oil Pack

Detox your liver and prepare your body for a lymphatic drainage and colonic hydrotherapy cleanse

  • 15 min
  • 10 British pounds
  • Central London (Monument) - Star Freud Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Revitalise your body with this powerful ancient method with a soothing Castor Oil Pack at Star Freud Wellness. A castor oil pack at the Star Freud Wellness Clinic is a single use disposable material soaked in castor oil that is applied over your liver during your treatment enhancing your body's detoxification processes that supports liver detox and lymphatic drainage. People also use this against ailments like skin conditions, blood circulation problems, and digestive issues. This treatment is perfect as a pre-treatment before lymphatic drainage treatment with our pressotherapy and/or colonic hydrotherapy cleanse to maximise the benefits of your session and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Benefits: ✩ Breaks down and removes toxins, old cells, and other waste in the body ✩ The pack can be be worn for up to 24 hours ✩ Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties could contribute to clearer skin and the alleviation of certain skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis, when applied topically. ✩ Reduce inflammation: Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and using a castor oil pack can help reduce inflammation in the body. ✩ Relieve pain: The oil can also provide pain relief, making castor oil packs a great option for those with chronic pain conditions. ✩ Boost immune function: Some studies have suggested that castor oil packs can help boost the immune system. ✩ Promote relaxation: Using a castor oil pack can be a relaxing experience, helping to reduce stress and promote overall well-being. ✩ Improve digestion: Applying a castor oil pack to the abdomen can help promote healthy digestion and relieve constipation. ✩ Reduction of nausea

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Refunds: We do not issue refunds. An available alternative date will be provided to reschedule your session subject to sufficient notice give (see below) , if you are not able to make it subject to adhering to our advance notice policy (see below), 100% payment will be forfeited. For Full Day appointments(4 hours to 8 hours): 72 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For Half Day appointments (3-4 Hours): 48 Hours advance notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited. For 1-2 Hours appointments: 24 Hours notice is required otherwise 100% payment will be forfeited.

Contact Details

  • 36 St Mary at Hill, Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU, UK


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