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Carboxy, Carboxy, Carboxy London!!

We are pleased to announce the introduction of CarBoxy Therapy into our clinic!

It is the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox. Carboxy Therapy is a safe, minimally invasive and clinically proven treatment to rejuvenate and recondition the skin.

Carboxy Therapy can be used cosmetically to treat

Dark circles under eyes, loose skin around eyes, facial wrinkles and folds, stretch marks, hypertrophic scars, burn scars, acne and chicken pox scars and more...

Carboxy Therapy can also improve the appearance of cellulite, skin laxity and body contours alone or as an adjunct to mesotherapy. It can also be used in combination with other treatments to maximise results.

Example of one area: abdomen stretch marks

Example of two areas: abdomen and legs stretch marks

Example of three areas; abdomen, legs and buttocks stretch marks


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