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5x recommended information-imprinted water  (1 Month supply)


Mapping out the Body-field made it possible to find the distortions and blockages scrambling the body’s own ability to function correctly.


But the question remained ... how do we correct the information distortions and create this perfect environment for the body to repair itself?


Thanks to our Breakthrough Research we can correct the Human Body-field naturally with infoceuticals.


Infoceuticals are the safest, easiest, and most direct way to do just that. All you do is place a few drops of these Infoceuticals in water and drink. These liquid drops are made up of micro minerals and water.


This mixture is passed through a specially-made machine which encodes the critical information into the mixture using a high electrostatic field and more.

You simply add these drops to water and drink them. It’s that safe and easy.

It’s that simple!


The restorative Infoceuticals are needed to correct the Body-field and create the perfect environment your body needs to trigger its own self-repairing power.


The liquid Infoceuticals are encoded with the precise information needed to correct the Body-field ... restore the body’s optimal energy environment ... and turn ON the body’s self-repair system so biochemistry functions properly once again!

Just like your cells have receptors to take in nutrients, they also have energy receptors to take in the information imprinted on the Infoceutical.


Each Infoceutical contains pure information designed to correct specific information and energy patterns in the body.


Based on the scan and analysis, the BioEnergetiX WellNES System will advise you as to what Infoceutical (or Infoceuticals if there is more than one distortion) you should take, in what order, and the number of drops to use.


The healing protocol recommended for you is unique to correct your specific Body-field and quickly activate self-repair.


Unlike drugs and supplements, our Infoceuticals don’t focus on temporarily relieving symptoms. 

Instead, Infoceuticals focus on restoring the Body-field to peak efficiency. 

Once that occurs, the body’s own natural self-repairing abilities should do the rest.


And you’ll be happy to know the Infoceuticals are safe and have caused no known side effects.


Ordering the Infoceuticals is easy too. 

Restorative Infoceuticals (5X)

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