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Gut Health: Food Elimination Beginners Guide & Diary


Take control of your gut health with this practical guide and diary! This beginner-friendly resource provides a clear and concise approach to understanding food sensitivities and their impact on your well-being.


What's inside:

  • Understanding Food Elimination: Learn the basics of food elimination diets, including their purpose and potential benefits.
  • Common Food Sensitivities: Explore a range of commonly eliminated foods and their potential effects.
  • The Elimination Process: Gain a step-by-step guide on conducting a food elimination diet, from planning to execution.
  • Food Diary Companion: Utilise the included diary template to track your meals, symptoms, and overall well-being throughout the elimination process.
  • Identifying Triggers: Use the diary to pinpoint potential food sensitivities based on your detailed entries.
  • Reintroduction Phase: Explore strategies for safely reintroducing eliminated foods and identifying triggers with confidence.


This guide and diary is perfect for:

  • Individuals experiencing gut-related issues like bloating, gas, or discomfort.
  • Those curious about the connection between food and well-being.
  • People interested in trying a food elimination diet for the first time.


Your path to a healthier gut with this valuable resource!


Available for download on the Star Freud Wellness Clinic website.

Gut Health: Food Elimination Beginners Guide and Diary

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