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This is a kit that is sent directly to your home where you or a loved one will perform a simple finger-prick blood sample and return by post for testing. Receive your results within 7 days! No social interaction required.


This convenient home-testing kit provides valuable insights into your cortisol levels, empowering you to understand your body's response to stress and optimise your well-being.


What it Measures: Cortisol

This crucial hormone plays a vital role in the body's stress response, regulating energy levels, blood sugar, and inflammation. Understanding your cortisol levels can offer key information about your overall stress burden.



  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of how your body manages stress and identify potential underlying issues.
  • Empowered Decisions: Make informed choices about stress management techniques and lifestyle modifications tailored to your individual needs.
  • Improved Well-being: Optimise your stress response for better sleep, energy levels, and overall health.
  • Convenient & Confidential: Discreetly collect your blood sample at home and receive results delivered electronically.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive: Measures your cortisol levels at a specific time point, offering a snapshot of your stress response.
  • Highly Accurate: Employs a reliable laboratory analysis to ensure dependable results.
  • Easy to Use: Clear instructions and user-friendly kit for hassle-free sample collection.

Blood Test: Stress Hormone Cortisol - HOME KIT

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