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The NES Mobile Scanner is the core device at the centre of the bioenergetic experience and is used for scanning the human body field.


The scanner incorporates both Bluetooth and USB technology, allowing you to scan however you prefer.


Use the scanner to scan your friends / family / children / pets and your own body field, and to learn about the energies that potentially affect theirs and your health. 


Then, consult with the trained NES Practitioner, Star Freudenberg, The Medical Mindset Coach to have her evaluate and interpret your scan, plus discuss any recommended infoceuticals based on your scan results. 


You don't need to meet a NES practitioner in person -- the scans can be transmitted to Star remotely via NES software technology and Portal, as long as you have a scanner in your possession. 


This latest iteration of our scanner incorporates all the features of previous models, and also includes Bluetooth technology which allows you the convenience of scanning anywhere. 


To perform Bluetooth scans, use the new NES HEALTH mobile app, available on the Apple App and Google Play app stores. 


Plus, as always, the scanner includes USB cable which allows you to connect the device to a Windows or Mac computer to perform scans that way as well. 


USB connection requires the BioSync software, which you can download for free in the NES Health portal.

Bio-Energetics NES Health Mobile Scanner

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