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NES Health Scan view Medical Mindset Coach Star Freudenberg
NES Health App Medical Mindset Coach Star Freudenberg
NES Health Medical Mindset Coach Merdian Star Freudenberg
NES Health MiHealth Device Medical Mindset Coach Star Freudenberg
NES HEALTH Mobile Scanner Medical Mindset Coach Star Freudenberg
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No. of sessions:
Consultation required.

Treatment time:
60 min

No Downtime.

Price: Please scroll to the bottom for the price list.

Finance Options Offered:
Flexible Repayment plans available

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Welcome to the future of health. NES Health is the leader in field of bioenergetics which is the study, detection, and correction of energy in all living systems. This technology works in assessing the body's energy field through the law of resonance as per quantum physics. 

This technology is an amazing self-empowerment tool that educates and informs you with in-depth information regarding all aspects of your health that will aid in your in generating long lasting and sustainable health and habitual choices assisting in you in becoming the best version of yourself through the power of bio-energetics. 

NES Health spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body. Collectively, these are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

When this field is underpowered or distorted, it’s unable to run the body in an optimal way and the body’s cells and systems may begin to fail.


Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can continue into just about any known health problem. When we improve function of the body-field, and we combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

Through the use of this technology, I provide services in the emerging field of bioenergetics. This means assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems enabling . Doing this improves the body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.

what can be achieved

There are three product offerings from NES Health to achieve optimum health and understanding of your being:

  1. Scan: Assess the Body-Field: (can be performed in person or remotely ideally performed monthly)

  • I use their scanning technology to provide you with a holistic wellness report in just seconds. While this isn’t a medical assessment, the scan’s bioenergetic matching process often shows a strong correlation to known health concerns. But more important, this approach looks for the underlying problem so we can address health concerns from their roots with their bioenergetic solutions.

  • If you prefer, you can choose to buy a scanner for yourself and scan from the comfort of your own home. The results will be sent to me. This saves you time and gasoline. In this case, I will provide my coaching by phone or internet, and the recommended remedies will be shipped to your home.

  1. Infoceuticals: Restore Correct Information

    • For home use liquid remedies that provide energy and corrective information to the Human Body-Field to improve how well it’s functioning. Since we see the Body-Field as the master control system to the rest of the human body, we believe this is the future of wellness, addressing health concerns from their roots.

    • These help to optimize the body-field’s energy levels and information flow so that proper communication takes place. A healthy body is all about energy and communication.

    • These remedies have helped thousands of people around the world, and they are simple to take by putting some drops into water and drinking the water.

    • ​Infoceuticals are made of ozonated spring water and trace amounts of minerals from sea salt that have been imprinted with our proprietary information to correct the human body-field. This information will not expire, but to limit the possibility of bacterial contamination, we encourage them to be consumed within two months of being opened. They may be refrigerated to help prolong their safe consumption, but refrigeration is not required.

    • Note that, even though the “information” is not known to expire, we are required by law to list expiration dates on our products, and we encourage you to use them by these dates.

    • Infoceuticals are not affected by x-rays or other security scans, so they may safely be shipped or taken with you if you travel.

    • Ingredients: Purified water • Himalayan Sea Salt (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz • Potassium Chloride (1.5%) or 0.44361 mL/oz • Magnesium Chloride (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz • Potassium Sorbate (0.2%) or 0.059148 mL/oz • Citric Acid (0.1%) or 0.029574 mL/oz

    • The citric acid in our Infoceuticals is derived ​​from non-GMO corn. It is not considered a “corn based” product, as the process does not leave any trace of corn proteins in the final product. People with severe corn allergies may still choose to avoid corn derived ingredients.

  2. MiHealth Device Treatment: Unblock and Rejuvenate

    • Similar to the concept of acupuncture with a non-invasive approach ​as this machine uses frequencies to unblock energetic in the bio-energy field. 

    • This can be performed on and off body depending on the needs of the individual or pet

    • Treatments can be performed with a practitioner or a device can be purchased for personal home use

    • If we work together in person, my service includes the use of the exciting NES miHealth device. This unique device uses PEMF technology with NES Health’s proprietary field correction signals. We can also work “on body” with smart bioelectric stimulation that uses real-time biofeedback to give your body exactly what it needs. This can yield a lot of fast results. We also use it to clear away energy blocks and begin to rejuvenate your energy field before you ever leave the office.

what info does the scan reveal

  • Energy Source

    • Diet levels

    • Hydration levels

    • Movement levels 

    • Oxygen assimilation levels

    • Circadian Rhythms

    • Grounding Levels

    • Energetic levels vs three primary axes within the Earths Big field

  • Energy Strength and drivers 

    • Through the all major organs and system networks in your body

  • Energy Flow  

    • Through the all major organs and system networks in your body

  • Mind Body communication and interactions

  • Emotional state relating to both positive and negative core emotions 

  • Energetic immunity levels forming part of the human body-field and have many functions including:

    • Providing healing messages for self-repair of body tissues.

    • Forming an important part of the body's 'energetic immune system'.

  • Environmental Factor influencers:

    • Home, Work & Personal Care

    • Solvents

    • Toxic Metals

    • Herbicides

    • Fungicides

    • Insecticides

    • Foods

    • Mould

    • Radiation exposure (EMF, Microwave, FAR infrared, Computer, Cell phone, Radio, Blue light and Nuclear)

  • Nutritional Factor influencers

    • Multiple Vitamin Fields

    • Fat Fields

    • Multiple Mineral Fields

    • Various Antioxidants Fields

    • Metabolism Levels

    • PH Levels

    • Malabsorption

    • Blood Oxygenation levels

    • Various food sensitivities 

  • Life Journey

    • Emotional well-being and guidance

    • Life Purpose

    • Be the Change

    • Belief systems

    • Transformation

    • Chakras

    • Creative Cycle

    • Unconscious patterns in accordance with Carl Jung theories

how is the scan performed

The scan can be performed in two ways: 

  • Voice Scan - Biometric Voice Recognition software 

  • Hand Scan - Use of a physical Scanning Device

Both scanning approaches produce the exact same results, so there is no 'better' option. You can also use them the approaches interchangeably


The choice between approaches is dependant on the individual preference and affordability as the scanning device requires a small investment (<£50) and a time delay to have the scanner posted where as the biometric voice recognition software is immediate and instant especially if you your lifestyle incorporates frequent travel and minimalism.



The scan can be used on:

  • Humans (Adults and Children)

  • Cats 

  • Dogs

  • Horses


  • Remote access to performing scan with immediate feedback and results

  • Accurate real time snap shot of your physical and emotional health inclusive of energy levels

  • Access your energetic information offering in-depth insights into the body, both mind, emotional and physical wellbeing

  • Address the root causes of your condition(s) and not just the physical symptoms

  • Correct energetic distortions to achieve complete wellness

  • Achieve your true physical, emotional and personal potential

  • Safe - there are no side effects from either the scan (remote / in person) , Infoceuticals (corrective drops) or Mihealth treatment device (body treatment)

  • Address and correct issues noted in your bio-energetic field at pre-symptomatic stage ensuring optimum health that can not usually be picked up through conventional medicine

  • The entire offering is natural and works with the bodies intelligence and retrains the body back into homeostasis.

  • Becoming more informed and self empowered about all aspects of your health



I offer the following:


  • Perform the Scan

  • Access to Scan Results and Self Help tools

  • Consultation

  • Recommendations Report including Nutritional and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • 5 Infoceuticals remedies per scan

  • MiHealth body corrective Treatment





  • There are no known contra-indications.


  • Certain psychological / medical conditions

  • Pregnant / nursing 

MiHealth Treatments: 


It is suggested not to use the device with:

  • Cardio Stimulator (pace maker)

  • Deep Brain Implants and other electrical implants

  • Mental disorders of a severe nature

  • Cardiac Fibrillation

  • During pregnancy (with the exception/approval of your healthcare professional)

  • Infants (less than five years of age unless suitably qualified to do so)

  • Direct contact with open wounds

  • Directly over metal implants

  • Undiagnosed conditions of unknown origin

  • An allergy to stainless steel

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